Introducing Mindfulness...

I am currently training to become a mindfulness practitioner ... and I am loving it!

My decision to dive deeper into mindfulness was made so that I could add some new techniques into my Holistic Coaching practice.  I often work techniques into sessions with clients to guide them towards more clarity or gratitude, but I had never really thought of any of my techniques under the title Mindfulness.

After a bit of research I found a great online course and enrolled.  Straight away the background information and the techniques gripped me.  Not much of the information was new to me, but it was presented in a new way - and combined together in a unique way that just seemed to flow.

I am over half way through with the course now and can honestly say that it has changed my whole mindset.  I am clearer and more focussed.  I am combining the techniques I am learning with ones I already knew and the results are just breath-taking.  I'm really looking forward to drafting out my own online Mindfulness workshop to share the power of this with others!  Until that time, here is a snippet of what I am learning...

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The Four Key Concepts of Mindfulness


By guiding you to become more aware you begin your journey towards a more peaceful life.  The awareness I am referring to here is two-fold.  It is an awareness of your external environment and also an awareness of your internal space - your thoughts and your feelings.  Once you pay attention - I mean really pay attention - to your thoughts in response to individuals and situations, you discover where your healing work needs to begin.  The key here is moving from a head-space of ego-stories to a heart-space of compassion.  This shift can be revolutionary on how you view your life and those in it.


This concept builds on the first by encouraging you to release judgmental thoughts of the self and others.  Often people don't even realise that they are experiencing thoughts that are judgmental.  It is not until you practice true awareness that the nature of your thoughts become as clear as you need them to be.  The realisation that you may be engaging in thought-patterns that are less than kind can often have feelings of shame associated with it.  This is when the true gift of non-judgement comes in - you let those self-negative thoughts go and you learn from your awareness.  There is true power in this.


Being present - truly present - in your environment, the body and the mind is harder than you might think.  I can guarantee that the benefits of true presence are more profound that you think possible too!  The techniques to training yourself to be present are simple and accessible to everyone.  This Path is a reclaiming of a more simple and compassionate way of being.  It involves re-training the very way you react and think which requires dedication and intent.  The techniques may be simple, but you have to be determined to do this - you have to be determined to change ... you have to desire peace enough to put the effort in.

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Giving thanks at the end of everyday is something I have always recommended.  It serves to put the days challenges into perspective.  There is always something to be grateful for in the day if you look deeply enough.  This one life is precious and something to be grateful for.

I'd love to read any tips anyone has for mindfulness resources or techniques.  Please put anything you'd like to share on the comments below.

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