Why Releasing is a daily practice you should begin today...

As we go about our daily lives, every one of us encounters numerous challenges and joys.  Everyday we come across the stories and emotions of other people's lives.  These effect us in many different ways, but they do effect us.  Typically we 'take on' the troubles of others - to support the ones care for, we often compromise our own well-being.  The very act of being human, of being a compassionate individual, can be draining.  Our own emotional vessel becomes topped up  - the cares of others layering over our own concerns.  We may become overwhelmed, tired, irritable, ill even.  The answer is not to stop caring for or supporting others - it is to care more for ourselves.

Each one of us is responsible for our own well being.

Typically people will keep giving of themselves (their time, energy, support) until they reach rock-bottom.  The tiredness will hit.  They will catch a bug and be ill.  They will lose patience and snap at loved-ones, causing rifts that require more energy to resolve.

The answer to this is to NOT wait until you reach this place of overwhelm.

The answer to this is a daily self-care practice.

I have a 'toolkit' of self-care techniques that I work with daily to release any unwanted feelings that may have unknowingly built up throughout the day.  I practice these techniques without judgement (ie. I don't 'blame' anyone I have engaged with that day for any of my feelings AND I also don't 'blame' myself for how I may be feeling.)

I simply FEEL and RELEASE any unwanted feelings in a mindful and healthy way.

Here are my top 10 tips for daily self-care and releasing worries from the day:

  1. WRITE: Writing in my journal is an essential daily act for me.  It is a sacred space that no-one else visits so I can really air my feelings and thoughts there.  I tend to simply write with no intention other than to let go of any thoughts that are not for my highest good.  Alternatively I like to write along to journal prompts.
  2. MOVE: Walk, Dance, Run, Do yoga, Swim.  Whatever suits your physical activity level and your body.  The aim here is to get the energy moving around your body, so that it does not sit and stagnate.  This is a perfect way of being reflective whilst also remaining active (as I often reflect on my day and 'sort out my thoughts' while I am walking.
  3. CRY: Salt water is healing.  Our tears are one of our natural ways of releasing what we no longer need. Feel your feelings, hear your thoughts, go somewhere where you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and cry it out.
  4. SING: With music or without, whether you sing like a lark or cat - lift your voice and let it all go.
  5. RATTLE/DRUM: This technique is definitely not for everyone but it is one of my daily essentials. I learned this practice during my Shamanic studies and I find it a powerful way of clearing my subtle energy system and my mind. It only takes me 5-10 minutes to rattle and cleanse my aura but I feel wonderfully cleansed and 'reset' afterwards.
  6. SMUDGE: Smudging the body has a similar effect to rattling or drumming.  The intent here is to remove any unwanted energies that may have 'stuck' to your aura during the day.  I know this practice is not for everyone, but I would encourage you to try it.
  7. HAVE A BATH: I like to add sea salt to my bath water if I have had a difficult day.  I light candles, add oils or flower petals to bath, and soak away my worries.  I like to visualise anything negative I may have encountered during the day washing off me and into the water... and going down the drain once the plug is pulled out.
  8. SELF-HEALING: I am a crystal therapist and Reiki practitioner so treat myself to a treatment whenever I feel the need for extra self-care.  If you are practitioner of any holistic therapies, don't forget to treat yourself to a treatment.  If you aren't a holistic practitioner, why not book yourself in with a therapist local to you (or even consider distance healing.)
  9. PRACTICE MINDFUL MEDITATION: Mindful meditation is a perfect technique for bringing yourself into the present.  This focuses on moving yourself from operating from a head-space into a heart-space.
  10. TALK: This last one comes with a warning.  Talking is often a powerful way of releasing our worries and thoughts.  Yet if we aren't careful the person we talk to can become overwhelmed too.  Always be mindful that others have their own concerns.  Talk to friends and loved ones when you have the need to, but always encourage them to practice self-care too.  Thank them for listening to you, and maybe share one of the tips above as a way for them to practice self-care.

I hope you find these tips useful.  I'd love to hear of any daily self-care tips you have so please comment below.

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