2019 is my year to honour Sacred.

Each year I choose a word of the year rather than setting myself 'resolutions'.  I have done this process for about 6 years now and I love it!

I spend some time at the cusp of the new year reflecting on the year that is leaving and visioning the year that is to come.  I write it out in my journal and on worksheets that I download.  Its a beautiful process to clear yourself of any residual feelings and thoughts from the previous year and to prepare for the days ahead.

This year as I was writing and inviting in a new word for the year I found that two words came to me: WHOLE and SACRED.

My process when this happens is to sit quietly and hold each word in my heart and mind.  I check in with body and see how that word feels.  Do I have tingles, tightness? Is it light, heavy? Are there any related words, thoughts or ideas that come into my mind.

I like my journey with my word of the year to be an active one.  One of my hobbies is  memory-keeping and I join in with Ali Edwards fantastic One Little Word project for wonderful activities and thought-provoking ideas on how to live with your word.

Knowing that I want to work with my word to inspire change in my life in the coming year I asked myself a few questions related to each word:

  • How can I be whole in my relationship with myself?
  • How can I be sacred in my relationship with myself?
  • How can I be sacred in my relationship with others?
  • How can I work to be whole in my relationship with others?
  • What does sacred communication look like to me?
  • What does whole communication look like to me?
  • How can I practice Sacred?
  • How can I practice Whole?

My answers to these questions guided me to choose Sacred and I am so glad I did!


Sacred is a perfect fit for my hopes for 2019.

I hope to build my Priestess practice - offering seasonal ceremonies where I live.

I hope to run a series of workshops for individuals seeking to connect with the Goddess Brigid.  My plans for these are really exciting.  Brigid is a beautiful Goddess to connect with and has so many faces and energies that a journey circling with Her is profound, illuminating and healing.

I hope to nurture my relationships in more meaningful ways.

I hope to re-build my sacred movement by practicing yoga again.

I hope to deepen my own connection with Brigid - finding new ways to honour Her in my life and in my community.

Do you have a word of the year?

I really do recommend this practice.  It can be as simple or as profound as you choose to make it.  If you are stuck choosing your word or working out how to embody it this year, why not consider some coaching sessions? I offer a bespoke package of sessions suited to the individual.  Click here for more information or email me at: carolinefalconer@hotmail.com .  Signing up for my FREE online workshop How Do you Want To Feel? is also another great place to start.  It introduces you to the idea of finding your Core Desired Feelings and setting your goals and plans from a place of heart and feeling.  Simple, but profound!

I'd love to hear about your word of the year (if you have one) and what you do to make sure you live it throughout the year, so please do comment below.

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