Why I love memory keeping

I have been scrapbooking for over 18 years now.  I can't actually remember what it was that sparked my interest in it.  I know that alot of my early pages were created in response to the book "The Scrapbook Journey".  This focuses on themes and perspectives which aim to create as healing shift within you.  It has a Christian spirituality tone, but I was easily able to translate that to a Sacred Feminine and pagan perspective.  So quite simply, my early memory-keeping practices were much more than the documenting of nice days out and happy occasions.

My memory-keeping was steeped in thematic creativity and healing by combining photos, pretty papers and embellishments.

As the years passed, as my life became more shadow-driven and complex, my pages appeared shallower.  They were more beautiful in terms of creative design and the amount of money I spent on supplies, but the journaling was short and more of a documentation.  Beneath it all, my pages were still very healing.  I was seeking to find joy, peace, grounding, authenticity when my life was anything but.  My subscription to Ali Edwards storykits - which are based on thematic story-telling products - was challenging to me.  I wasn't ready to delve that deeply into my life again as I knew I wouldn't like what I found.

So I stopped scrapbooking.

Forward the years onwards again and I am now in a loving marriage, and a mom to a beautiful teenage girl.  I  have used up my old Ali Edwards kits, I subscribe again and I am also purchasing many other digital kits each month as I tell story upon story every week.

I am fully in love with my hobby again and I know this is because I have one again embraced memory keeping as a way of healing. 

When I am feeling challenged, frustrated, disappointed, angry, alone ... I turn to memory keeping.  I surround myself with beautiful products, photos of happy times, and I tell stories in a  way that heals the unwanted feelings I was feeling and reframes them into joyful gratitude.  I really don't know what I would do without this method of creativity.  It is so much more than a hobby to me.  It is a healing practice, a way to focus on what matters and let go of the rest. The bonus is that I get to play with beautiful products and have lovely creative pages to reflect on in the future.

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