More and Less


Life is full of comparison these day.  Our culture seems to be built on a foundation of comparing ourselves to others.  Lives, looks, honnies, achievements, challenges - all of them are so often compared to the experiences of others.

I was inspired to shift my focus by one of the journaling cards in the Traci Reed Designs "Love List" collection.

I decided to reflect on what brought me energy, and what did not.

Quite simply I need more of the first list and less of the second!! Here is what I came up with:

  • More patience when things don't go as I expect them to
  • More laughter
  • More time outside in nature
  • More intentional spiritual practice
  • More adventures
  • More softness
  • More water
  • More presence
  • More family times together doing fun things
  • More art journaling - alone and as a family
  • More open hearted communication
  • More heart-centred living
  • More working with Sacred allies
  • More Sacred solitude  - communing with my Lady
  • More time focusing on the good - and practicing gratitude for it
  • Less focusing on how I think things 'should' be
  • Less frustrations
  • Less focusing on things I want to change
  • Less of perfectionist mindset
  • Less giving my energy to areas of life that don't matter
  • Less running away
  • Less negative self talk
  • Less closed hearted behaviours
  • Less going through the motions
  • Less buying things that I don't need
  • Less longing for future days
  • Less hiding away in behaviours and practices that shut me down

I decided to manipulate the 3x4 card from the collection and resize it at Travellers Notebook size (4.25"x8.25").   then added my journaling into the digital file before printing it out and creating texture with stitching and embellishment clusters from the collection.

I absolutely love this project and the reminder it inspired in me to focus on what nourishes me.

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