The importance of self love

The Team are reflecting on self-love over on the Traci Reed Designs blog this month.

Self-love is one of the values that I seek to hold at the core of who I am in the world. 

It is a value I am working hard to encourage my fifteen your old daughter to adopt too.  Without TRULY loving ourself - exactly as we are: with our challenges, our broken places, our shadows and our unique light - how can we truly love others? This is a subject I come back to in my self-reflections alot. It is easy to say we should practice self-love, but not so easy to uphold that ideal - especially when life throws you challenges along the way!
It is great that the Design Team are focusing on self love this week as it has prompted us all (and hopefully the person reading this) to think a little deeper about what self-love looks like to us.

To me self-love is:

  •  wearing a snuggly onesie and giving myself permission to STOP when I am till (Self-care is the twin sibling to self-love in my mind, but that's another blog post!!)
  • inviting in kitten cuddles (and my kitten is 17years old and so LOVES giving me cuddles) to soothe my soul.
  • applying hand cream daily - because my hands work, and they love, and the DO alot and so its goo to take care of them.
  • sticking to a regime of taking my inhaler morning and night - nd documenting my peak flow so I can try and get a diagnosis.  The importance of healthy breath is a lesson I am learning deeply these days.
  • switching out alcohol and drinking coconut water. Sooooo good!
  • drinking out of a glass that feels precious and special (because I am precious and special) snacking on healthy things that nourish by
  • body rather than hitting me with a fix.  My current fave is seaweed!
I worked with the Love List collection (one of my all-time favourite collections from Traci) for this and really enjoyed creating those shaker pockets!

What does self -love look like for you?

It is an exercise in self-love to give yourself some time to reflect on this question and to jot some answers down somewhere for yourself.  Why not create a memory keeping project to remind yourself of those things?

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