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Rooted and My Person

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At first it may feel quite daunting to mix two very different printable collections together - especially when they have a very different theme at their core.  But this is what we do as scrapbookers... we take different pretty products that catch our eye and combine them to make something beautiful and meaningful. I follow a set path when I am working with more than one collection:
  • Decide on the theme of my project.  This one is about the need to be grounded after a stressful time in my day job.
  • Decide what collections I want to combine.  As this was a team project this step was kindly done for the Team by Traci (great choice on her part!)
  • Gather together supplies from the collections. I have pouches that hold pre-printed elements from Traci's collections so I gathered those first but then I grabbed my iPad so I could look through the files I have and decide what (if any) I wanted to print.  This is one of my favourite things about working with printable collections - as many gorgeous products as I need - I just have to print them!!
  • Look through patterned papers and select 3-4 favourites.  My intention with this project was to many use up papers from My Person with some accents from Rooted.  It ended up going a very different way!! I fell back in love with those black and white line drawing papers from Rooted and decided to use those as my background!  Working with  neutrals from either collection is always a safe move - they can then match with any of the colours from the other collection!
  • Decide on a focal statement piece . I went with the quote card from Rooted
  • Pull out other papers and embellishments that match the colour scheme.  Here I was no longer even thinking in terms of which collection was which.  I was simply scrolling through my files and favouriting the ones I thought I may want to print.  Then I was holding the elements I already had printed next to the iPad screen to see which matched together. I ended up using mostly papers from Rooted with a couple of pinks from My Person.  I combined journalling blocks from both collections and my embellishments (those amazing hearts and rainbows) were from My Person.
  • Pull it all together with tiny embellishments. From I LOVE to add enamel dots in my colour scheme to pull a design together.  On this project I used my new favourite obsession ... Nuvo drops to create my own.
I'd love to see what others in the scrapbook community make by mixing these two collections together.  Use the hashtag #TRDMixItUpMonday on Instagram to be sure the team see your posts.

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