Teach Me Tuesday - Alphas

I’ve chosen to split my tutorial into two for this weeks challenge so you get a little bonus of two tutorials instead of one!! The first is about creating texture in your titles, the second about typing on your journal cards.
Textured Titles
It is easy for a physical scrapbook layout made 100% with printable elements to look a little flat. The project will be made entirely with paper so there is a risk it will lack dimension.
I create texture and dimension on my pages in a number of ways and enjoyed the challenge of bringing those techniques to text this week.
I chose to work with the fantastic new FREE collection from Traci “Beautiful Dreamer”. It is packed full of digital and printable goodies. As there is no font within a freebie collection I choose to work with one of the die cuts as my title.
I love the brush lettering effect of the fonts used in this collection and didn’t want to lose that. So I turned to an old fave - glossy accents- to add dimension whilst retaining the gorgeous brush Iettering:
I wanted to keep on that texture train so then opted to do some stitching over the word “big” to bring in another dimension. I’m so glad I did this as I love the full on detail in this simple title:
To complete the look I opted to pop this title piece up on pop dots for even more dimension. That way I could later lots of the gorgeous florals and labels from the collection behind.
Once I had completed the project I decided to go back in and add stitching in other places around the page - repetition really helps a technique to ground into eyes Project.
Printing your journaling
I decided to use a 3x8 tag to capture my journaling for this layout as I had a lot to say. When I want to write more I ALWAYS turn to printing my journaling as I can reduce the font in size and everything is still legible.
There was no 3x8 tag in the collection but a few clicks in Canva and I had one.
I always opt to write my journaling up in Evernote before I copy it into Canva. I just find it easier to see what I am typing in that app.
I opted for one of the gorgeous striped TN papers as my background for my tag and so I had to adjust my line spacing a little to make the words fit in the lines.
Once I was happy with it I printed out the whole piece, trimmed it to the shape of a tag and started to build the page. I chose to hide my journaling behind the photo and paper stack as I wanted my photo, title  and the florals to be the focal points.
I hope you can see just how easy it is to add texture to your fonts AND to add more words into your projects by typing your journaling.
Enjoy the other projects the Team have made this week and don’t forget to use the hashtag on Instagram so we can see what you make

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