Wildflower Release

Wildflower 1

Oh My! The new collection from Traci Reed Designs has launched and it is a STUNNER!!

I really wasn't sure when I first saw this collection - there is no pink! Shock!! As the mom of a teen who loves pink I was worried I would find it difficult to use this collection.  Fast forward a few days and it is now my favourite collection!!!

I made quite a few projects really quickly with this collection.  That hasn't happened to me before.  I normally fuss around for ages trying to work out which route I want to go but this month is was simple!


The beautiful products are definitely the inspiration for me.  Add in my love of nature and a garden that is filling up with spring greenery and I had quite a few memories to capture straight away!

The wonderful thing about Traci's collections is they often have multiple meanings.  Wildflower is no different.  The sentiments can apply to spring, but moreso to our own Blooming. A perfect collection to tell some stories about me right now.  I opted for a little bit of hidden journalling on the project below:


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