Theme Thursday - Rainbows

When I saw the theme of Rainbows come up for a Team project I knew EXACTLY which collection I wanted to work with ... My Person! If you know Traci's collections you may be a little surprised (as she has an absolutely stunning collection called Keep Chasing Rainbows that would obviously be perfect for this prompt!!)
The My Person collection has to be one of my favourites and one of the elements I adored most was the non-traditional rainbows in the sticker pack. As soon as I saw them I fell in love! The rainbow is so popular as a motif at the moment it was wonderful to see such a unique take on the colour scheme.
I wanted those lovely pastel pink and green rainbows to be the focal embellishments on my project and so I opted to create a 12x12 page (not my go-to size anymore at all) with minimal patterns and use the larger rainbow die cuts.
I decided to create a grid of 2x2 squares for my foundation (a great way of using up papers that are already printed or of saving ink if you are printing for a project).
I added stitching and tulle for some texture before layering on two 3x4 photos (I promise I didn't dress in an outfit that matched the collection - that was a happy coincidence!!!)
Finally to add those rainbows.  I added 3 areas of embellishment first but opted to add a fourth up in the top left of the page for interest.  I used a combination of normal adhesive and some pop dots to add dimension to those rainbow layers.
I completed the project with a title and some small puffy stickers so that the rainbows were complimented but remained the focal piece embellishments.
I love the end result of this project and am glad I opted to go a different route with my take on this prompt.  That said, I am now feeling drawn to the Keep Chasing Rainbows collection so I see another rainbow inspired project in my near future!
I'd love to see what others in the scrapbook community make with this sketch.  Use the hashtag #TRDSketchySunday on Instagram to be sure the team see your posts and to see more inspiration from the Team.

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