Teach Me Tuesday - Tears and Folds


When I saw the theme of Tears and Folds come up as a project call for the Design Team I knew it was one for me. I add paper tears to almost ALL of my projects!! I love the texture they give … fast forward to my project … not a paper tear in sight!!! For some reason when I stood at my craft table I suddenly remembered a mini book I made years ago - created from folded cardstock. I remembered how much I loved that album… and that was it!!

One reason I went with a mini book was because I LOVE the Wildflower collection from Traci but had bizarrely started to hoard it (erm, it’s a printable collection … I can just print more!!!) so that reminder made me decide to use LOADS of it!!

To Create Your Pages

  • Gold card stock in half diagonally
  • Turn and repeat
  • You now have an X fold on your card
  • Turn and fold in half vertically
  • Pinch the vertical fold and push inwards. The page will fold into a triangle.
  • Measure 3 inches from the outer point and fold inwards.
  • Repeat for all 4 corners.
  • Unfold and now as you punch and fold manipulate those corners so the also fold in.
  • You are left with a folded pentagon shape
  • Repeat for as many pages as you want - I have 3 pages.

Create and Decorate

I opted to work with the gorgeous Wildflower collection for these photos of a springtime adventure with my hubby.

  • Work from the bottom layer outwards.
  • Remember those folds - either fold your papers, trim them smaller, or only adhere to one side of a fold so they act like a pop-up

Assemble your book

  • Adhere your three pages together
  • Opt to only stick 4 of the 5 sides if you want a pocket between pages. I did this for extra photos and hidden journaling.
  • Create a cover that is 6.5 inches square.
  • Add some to ribbon to tie closed your book before adhering the cover to the first and third pages.
  • Embellish the cover
  • Bask in the glory of your mini book!!

I created a little video to show you how to fold the pages. I also wanted to show you my finished book. It’s my first You Tube video so bear with me on that one!!

Click here to watch that video!

I hope you enjoy this project and the others the Team have put together.


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