Oh, Happy day!


There is a new collection over at Traci Reed Designs and it is such a fun one!!

It is called Happy Day and there is a bonus Happy{birth} day mini collection too!  It is full of fun bright colours, and celebratory icons. We have a 16th Birthday coming up in our house this month and I plan to document ALL of those stories with this collection.  Until then though, here was my first two projects.

The first one (below) is celebrating my daughter and how DEEPLY honoured and grateful I am to be her mom. The honour is soul-deep as I'm not her biological mom but our bond is so strong and beautiful ... definitely something to celebrate.

The second project (above) is a little snarky! It tells the story about the challenges of teen bedrooms and trying to maintain order and cleanliness within them!! I have two sets of journalling on this project.  One on that cute little tag, and a second, hidden set on the patterned paper pull out.


Here are some detailed closeups of both projects:


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