It's time for Summer Camp


The new Traci Reed collection has taken a very different direction this month.

After the brights of Happy Day we now have a much softer feel to the new Summer Camp collection.

My husband and I are big fans of the outdoors and walking together in nature is one of our happy places.  I just know I am going to make lots of layouts with this fun outdoorsy theme.

I chose to push myself for the launch and did one outdoors-y story and one very NOT outdoors-y one!!

My first project (above) includes hidden journalling (a fave of mine) to capture the memory of why we currently are re-employing the Strike system in our house to curb some teenage angst!! I LOVE this photo of my girl, it really shows her wonderful spirit, which currently doesn't want to be around anyone (luckily I'm not included on the 'out' list!!!)

My second project (below) is a more typical story for this theme - a day out in the Forest of Dean.

My favourite icons in this collection are those boho feathers - so I printed a whole sheet with just those on as I knew I would want to use them ALOT!!


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