Theme Thursday - Summer

I LOVE Summer - the sunshine, the heat, the blue skies.  So when I saw this as one of the themes for Theme Thursday I had to join in. My process for this project was a little different to my usual one.  I normally flip through my story albums (where I house my competed projects and also photos printed ready for stories to tell) and look for photos to match the project theme.
For this project I decided to start with the product.  I grabbed out my box of Traci Reed Designs printed digitals and looked for the collection I wanted to work with for this theme.  There were a couple that instantly caught my eye.  The first was "On the Go and Going Slow"  (perfect for lazy summer days) but I "Keep Chasing Rainbows" won out!
Next I looked through my photo stream to find a photo to fit my story of Summer.  There had been an incredible sunset the night before so I decided to go with that.  I love sunsets - that transition time from day to night.  It symbolises so many things to me.
Generally I work at either a Life Crafted/ringbound TN size or in a 6x8 album.  Again, I decided to mix things up after some recent scrolling through my Instagram feed (and swooning over the Travellers Notebook projects I saw). So I created myself a notebook to work in for this project and to capture summer stories in.
I actually LOVE the smaller size, and the constraint that came along with knowing my page couldn't be too bulky.  I opted for much cleaner lines that I usually use in my pages, and a much more simple look with the layers.  It took me a while to create this oddly (despite its simplicity) as it was so different to my usual style but I LOVED the process.  I was working with the remnants of a previous print job of the Keep Chasing Rainbows collection and I found that working in this smaller format with a simpler style actually lead me to be very focussed at deciding which products to use.  I think the simpler design actually really showcases the collection much more than I thought it would ((oh, that rainbow on the left hand page - LOVE!!)
Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the Team come up with for the Summer theme... and looking forward documenting more tales of our Summer in this little notebook.

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