Swooning for Sunkissed


It's here! The new collection from Traci Reed Designs launches today and I AM IN LOVE!!!!! Sunkissed is JUST what is sounds - full of stunning, summery colours and icons including cocktails and tie dye papers (yes, COCKTAILS and TIE DYE!)

For my launch projects this month I decided to work a little differently and do a second project in my new Summer Stories Traveler's Notebook. This celebrated my daughter's last day of school and the first day of her super long summer holiday.  I think the joy in her jump tells the story well!


Project number two using Sunkissed was another story in the notebook.  This one capturing the memory of a fantastic weekend away in our motorhome for my hubby and I. I'm really enjoying the challenge to work at this smaller size, but it is a little different for me and so these simple layouts are taking quite some time to put together!


I couldn't WAIT to use this tie dye woodgrain paper.  I'm surprised I waited until my second project to be honest!!! It is definitely a paper I will be printing in multiple copies this month!!


I love this collection so much I did a THIRD project for the launch...

This time I decided to work at 12x12 size.  I REALLY wanted to use the florals in the collection but they are a little large for a Life Crafted or 6x8 project. I could have re-sized them to make them a touch smaller, and I will do that with a re-print, but fo rease I decided to move up to good ole' 12x12!!


I'm really happy with how this one turned out also. Working on a white cardstock background is one of my favourite things to do when I want to showcase diecuts.  I added a little bit of a grungy look with some ink splatters at the last minute and I'm glad I did.


Head over to Traci's blog to see how she, and other members of the Team worked with the new collection ... and of course to grab yourself a copy!

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