Mix it up Monday

This week for Mix it up Monday we are mixing the new "Sunkissed" collection with older (but soooo good) "On the Go and Going Slow." I love to work with papers and embellishments from more than one collection as it adds even more levels of interest to the paper layers, embellishments and sentiments - it also means I have even more goodies to pick from when I am creating.
"Sunkissed" is full of gorgeous orange, yellow, pink and green tones and sunny, hippy icons. The colours of "On the Go and Going Slow" match so well that I found it really easy to blend these two collections together.
I wasn't too sure what pieces I was going to pull from each collection when I started so I decided to start with my photo.
I wanted to capture the memory of how wonderful it is for my girl that she can really relax at the moment as her GCSE exams are finished and she is on holiday. She's not a sun lover (and the weather here in the UK isn't [particularly great at the moment) so that helped me to decided to pull the majority of my embellishments from the "On the Go and Going Slow" collection.
I scanned through my files and found a journal card from that collection that matched the sentiment I wanted to tell perfectly.
I also found a fun journal card to capture my story on. I needed to do another print of the die cuts from that collection so I print and cut all of that out before going any further.
Back at my scrap desk I sifted through my "Sunkissed" papers with that title card visible to find the ones that worked best for me. The green heart paper was perfect for my background, and I decided I wanted a contrasting edge - and went for that gorgeous daisy paper. I padded out my layers with 2 other papers and a card from "Sunkissed" and then got to work finding embellishments from "On the Go and Going Slow".
I knew I wanted to include lots of pink and florals. I am not kidding, the colours blend so perfectly together it was really easy to embellish the page with die cuts from a completely different collection! As the theme of the story was about relaxing, I had to include one of the cute pink snails and that 'power-saving' word strip was perfect!
I added a bit of bling from my stash and called it good there.
I am sooooo happy with this layout. So much so that I have kept both collections out on my desk to make another mix it up project!!

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