Oldie but Goodie - Hocus Pocus

When this collection came up on the Oldie but Goodie challenge over  at Traci Reed Designs I just HAD to sign up.
This is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES of all Traci's printable collections!!
As a crystal-loving, witchy-vibe, Priestess this is one of my go-to collections! I love the triple moons, the references to crystals,  smudging and more ! It is definitely a collection that is for life not just for Halloween for me!!
I've been feeling in a bit of a funk lately with my scrapbooking and this project brought me back my mojo - which I am so, so grateful for!
I decided to scrapbook a selfie I took at the Goddess Conference this summer - mainly because it was already printed and sat on my desk! As alot of the papers in this collection have a witchy vibe I wanted to pull out those that were pretty but a little less witchy (so avoided spider-web icons etc) That was easy to do as there are lots of gorgeous soft patterns to choose from.
As I said, I've been off my game over the past few weeks/months - when this happens I like to go back to basics and use a plain cardstock background.  Once again this technique, combined with a fave collection really worked for me! I used a simple layering technique and then created clusters to draw in the eye using the die cuts from the printable collection.  To accentuate that, and to soften the edges a little I did a little mist sprinkle in those cluster areas.
I absolutely love this page and I really loved working with cardstock again - I'm going to do this for my next layout too I think as I found it really freeing (and bizarrely meant I used more pattern choices in my layers!)
I hope you aren't too disappointed to see a project made with "Hocus Pocus2 in October that is NOT Octobers related! If you are don't worry, this is one of the collections I am making my October Daily mini album with this year so there will be plenty of spooky projects with this collection yet!!

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