CS HYPNOTHERAPY is run by Caroline & Craig Stevens. A husband and wife team of Clinical Hypnotherapists with a passion to support others to create a life they desire.


Hi, I'm Caroline

My journey with hypnotherapy began when I entered a challenging phase of my life.  I had been working in a corporate environment for the same company for 24 years.  The job had grown, the company values had shifted and suddenly I found myself in a place of crisis.

With self-reflection I realise that working in that role was no longer in alignment with my values.  I wasn't sure what to do about it as my self-esteem was at an all time low and my anxiety levels were high.

I began to suffer from multiple daily anxiety attacks and was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression by my GP. I truly didn't believe I would ever feel joy again.

A short time later a series of events that were incredible synchronistic lead to me discovering a local hypnotherapist. I had no idea what hypnotherapy involved and didn't really think it would be for me but I was desperate.

Fast forward just a few weeks later ... after just a few sessions with my hypnotherapist my daily anxiety attacks JUST STOPPED!! It felt like a miracle at the time (I now know that this success is to be expected with hypnotherapy!!)

Hypnotherapy gave me control back over my life ... it helped me to sleep well again ... it helped me to rediscover my joy. It also have me the strength I needed to quit that corporate job and to follow a Path in alignment with my values.

I am living my ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE now ... all thanks to hypnotherapy! And now I am qualified and insured to bring this wonderful therapy to others and help them take back control of their life too.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma
Neuro-linguistic Programming Diploma
Life Coaching Diploma
Mindfulness Diploma
Life Purpose Coaching Diploma
Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma
Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma
Reiki Level 3: Master Healer & Teacher

And I'm Craig

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  My path has been "long and winding" to get to this point in my life and I believe the journey - with all its trials and tribulations - has blessed me with many wonderful experiences and attributes to support me to help people.

I have been involved in many sports and my time in those fields have gifted me the experiences I need to support others with sport related anxieties.

I have also been a performer for many years which has shown me the many pitfalls that can arise from low self-esteem and inner demons.

Lastly, I am a man in my 40's whose life has gifted him many challenges to learn from.

My passion to help people, combined with my caring nature, can help you to rediscover a life you love.