Sketchy Sunday 26

Sketchy Sunday #26 I really loved the design of this weeks sketch and the white space that it contained. I was keen not to lose or add too much white space so opted to do a single page for my project – with a view to adding some additional photos in a pocket page on the right hand side of the album that this will sit in. My project is sized 8.25″ tall and 6.75″ wide and I am working with the “Sunkissed” collection from Traci. As I am still working my way through Prom-prep stories my photo is black […]

Sketchy Sunday #24

Sketchy Sunday #24 The sketch this week over at Traci Reed Designs is one that showcases two square photos.  The placement of the paper layers in a vertical over on the one side also gives the sketch a really clean and uncluttered feel.  I knew that I wanted to use patterned paper for the background as soon as I saw the sketch but was unsure which collection to go for. My photo stream is currently FULL of photos from my daughter’s prom and I knew I wanted to start telling the stories of that experience straight away.  We had so […]

Sketchy Sunday #21

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs I am LOVING the sketches that Traci is putting up on the blog. They are super versatile and always push me to try new things … this week … circles!!As someone without a die cutting machine I tend to avoid large size circle sketches as much largest punch is a 3 inch one!!I dragged a long forgotten tool out of my stash for this though – a Circular template and blade cutter!I knew I wanted to work at this Traveller’s Notebook size so simply cut the sketch in half in my mind. The circular […]

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Maintaining good mental health is HUGE for me. I’m really big on self-care and self-love and both of these things are essential for my own mental health. I’ve struggled on occasion in the past – with overwhelm, anxiety, feeling low … and one thing that always helped me to come through was reframing my challenges … to deliberately BE positive in my thoughts, even when I didn’t FEEL it in my heart. Positive thoughts always created a shift within me and helped me to heal.I was SO PROUD to see my teen start to post loads of […]

Oh Happy Day!

Oh, Happy day! There is a new collection over at Traci Reed Designs and it is such a fun one!! It is called Happy Day and there is a bonus Happy{birth} day mini collection too!  It is full of fun bright colours, and celebratory icons. We have a 16th Birthday coming up in our house this month and I plan to document ALL of those stories with this collection.  Until then though, here was my first two projects. The first one (below) is celebrating my daughter and how DEEPLY honoured and grateful I am to be her mom. The honour […]

Teach Me Tuesday – Tears and Folds

Teach Me Tuesday – Tears and Folds When I saw the theme of Tears and Folds come up as a project call for the Design Team I knew it was one for me. I add paper tears to almost ALL of my projects!! I love the texture they give … fast forward to my project … not a paper tear in sight!!! For some reason when I stood at my craft table I suddenly remembered a mini book I made years ago – created from folded cardstock. I remembered how much I loved that album… and that was it!! One […]

Theme Thursday – Rainbows

Theme Thursday – Rainbows When I saw the theme of Rainbows come up for a Team project I knew EXACTLY which collection I wanted to work with … My Person! If you know Traci’s collections you may be a little surprised (as she has an absolutely stunning collection called Keep Chasing Rainbows that would obviously be perfect for this prompt!!) The My Person collection has to be one of my favourites and one of the elements I adored most was the non-traditional rainbows in the sticker pack. As soon as I saw them I fell in love! The rainbow is […]

Sketchy Sunday #17

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs I am soooo obsessed with the Wildflower collection at the moment that I just had to use it for this sketch!! The main focus of the sketch are those triangles of paper layered up.  I don’t know why, but I REALLY struggled with the angles on those triangles! To the point that I nearly scrapped this and started again!! I think part of the problem was I used that plaid and the striped paper.  Add in myself being a complete perfectionist and there we have the reason i was constantly trimming to make sure […]

Teach Me Tuesday – Alphas

Teach Me Tuesday – Alphas I’ve chosen to split my tutorial into two for this weeks challenge so you get a little bonus of two tutorials instead of one!! The first is about creating texture in your titles, the second about typing on your journal cards. Textured Titles It is easy for a physical scrapbook layout made 100% with printable elements to look a little flat. The project will be made entirely with paper so there is a risk it will lack dimension. I create texture and dimension on my pages in a number of ways and enjoyed the challenge […]

Sketchy Sunday #16

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs Another fantastic sketch again this week. This one based around a base of tags.  It is perfect for my style as I love layering and I love texture.  Easy to do both when working with tags as part of your page foundation!! For this sketch I decided to go back to basics a little and worked at 12×12 size.  I haven’t done that for a while and I really enjoyed the larger canvas. I worked with the new “Beautiful Dreamer” collection from Traci Reed.  It is a printable collection and perfect as a first […]