Priestess of Nemetona Training



This transformational online course will bring you into deep connection with the Goddess Nemetona and guide you towards dedicating as Her Priestess.

It is a deeply grounding journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  You will nourish your mind, body and spirit as you step forwards into Her Sacred Sanctuary to re-discover your authentic self through sacred rituals, soul-development work and Earth Medicine Keeper practices.

Together we will work with the cycles of the seasons and retreat into Her sacred nemeta.   You will discover more about yourself and this powerful Goddess as you enter deeper into communion and connection with Her.

The course is split into 8 spirals that are aligned with the 8 festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Caroline will guide you through this cycle as you work with archetypes of the elements, crystals and more to support your healing soul journey.

Who is Nemetona?

Nemetona is an ancient Celtic Goddess who was worshipped across Ancient Britain and Gaul in the pre-Roman and Roman era.  There is very little known about Her and sadly none of Her mythology has survived today.  The study of place names gives us some of our only clues to Her.

Her name is generally translated as "She of the Sacred Grove" .  Her name has the Celtic word nemeton (the Latin is nemus) at its root and this is generally translated as "sacred grove".  There is actually no evidence to show that the nemeta (plural of nemeton) were only groves and an alternative translation of this word is "Sanctuary".

My experience of Nemetona is that She is of the Sacred Grove, but more so She is Sanctuary.  Goddess of Nature, of Sacred Cycles, of Druids and Earth Medicine Keepers... She is Peace.

What Will the Training Cover?


  • Sacred practices to ground and centre yourself
  • Journey around the 8 festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year with Nemetona as your portal to the mysteries
  • Discovering who Nemetona is to you
  • Keys to exploring your own Inner Sanctuary
  • Techniques and ceremonies to support you to create nemetas in your own life
  • Self healing techniques to cleanse and maintain your own energy field
  • Guided visualisations and shamanic journey work
  • Earth Medicine Keeper practices
  • Working with the Wheel of Nemetona
  • Calling in Nemetona in Her different aspects
  • Circle casting techniques
  • A deep dive into each of the four elements
  • How to create your own ceremonies
  • Discover Sacred spaces in the land where you live
  • Engage in self development work to free yourself from beliefs and behaviours that may be holding you back
  • Keys to re-discover your authentic Self and step forwards empowered and grounded

Nemetona is hidden in the mists, on the moorlands, in the wilds.

She is ready to return. 

Do You Hear Her Call?


What is Included?


  • Access to a private online Sanctuary group to share experiences with Caroline and others on the training.
  • Access to content (released on each festival of the Celtic Wheel of the Year) via a private website.
  • Content in the form of videos, audio journeys (guided visualisations & drum journeys) and PDFS.
  • Sacred sanctuary prayers to help you retain balance.
  • One live group Zoom call with Caroline every spiral.  This will include an opening prayer, Q & A over the content for the spiral and sharing circles (Q&A content is recorded for those who are unable to attend).
  • The training will end with a 1 day in person ceremony held in Glastonbury, UK for those who would like to dedicate as Her Priestess.  Travel and accommodation is not included.
  • ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: 1-1 online mentor support with Caroline via and additional Zoom call (availability and cost on request)
  • OPTIONAL: an in person retreat day on the land of Avebury. Our time will be spent 100% on the land connecting with Her and in ceremony. Accommodation and refreshments not included.

Priestess of Nemetona Applications


  • Applications are now open until 21st September 2024
  • Spaces are limited so early application is advised.


  • The course starts on 22nd September 2024
  • Upon successful application you will be given access to the private website where the course is hosted.  This will contain information of content release dates and Zoom meetings.


  • Full price is £840 paid in advance or via a pre-agreed payment plan.
  • Payment plans include an initial payment before the training begins of £120.
  • Options are then to pay either 3 further payments of £240 or 12 monthly payments of £60.


Please email me at if you have any questions about course content, requirements or payment plan options.