Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forwards in your life?
Do you feel that your energy flow has become stagnant?
Do you long for more clarity in your life?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, or if you are longing to connect with like-minded women to help you ground into your Now, then the Free and Clear Women’s Pathway Circle is for you.
The purpose of this group is to support you and to work together to rediscover clarity and to feel freer and empowered.
We will work to bring balance to our heads and hearts by working each week with themes from the element of Water. I love to blend magic from the natural world with Goddess Archetypes and in these circles we will walk with the Mother of Waters as our guide. We will deep dive, reflect, immerse, discover stillness … all from the comfort of our own Sacred spaces.
We will meet online in Zoom each week for 6 weeks to talk, mind-map, heart-map and vision what freedom and clarity truly feel like and look like for each of us.
Places will be limited to ensure the circle is small enough for everyone to be meaningfully involved.


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