Realign with your Authenticity & Purpose.

Soul Quest

Life Purpose Coaching with Hypnotherapy


Soul Quest Coaching with Hypnotherapy ... Realign with your Authenticity & Purpose


Soul Quest Coaching is delivered by Caroline. It weaves together her work as a hypnotherapist with 15 years experience in the Corporate world & over 16 years experience as an energy worker.


Caroline Stevens GQHP DHyp CMH CPNLP
Hypnotherapist, Solution-focused Coach, NLP Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner

My work as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, energy worker & online teacher lights me up! Seeing the changes that take place within my clients is wonderful to witness! One of my key strengths is my ability to attune to a client & quickly come up with techniques & strategies to support them with the changes they desire.

I created Soul Quest as a way of blending all of the powerful techniques I work with separately into a cohesive program of empowerment and transformation.  Now my clients can benefit from a huge toolkit of techniques and practices to create shifts in their lives.  In Soul Quest my clients work with their Conscious, logical minds and their creative, Unconscious minds.  They also benefit from powerful NLP & solution-focused coaching techniques & grounding energy practices.

You have everything you need within you to live the life you long for ... the Soul Quest program will support & empower you to do just that!


 I put together the Soul Quest program as a tool to support people to re-find their sense of Self and Purpose in a hectic and often overwhelming world.

I spent 15 years as a successful Manager in both the Operational & Strategic areas of the Corporate world.  That work developed many of my strengths and brought great value into my life ... until things started to shift & become out of alignment with my own personal values.  This conflict between my Inner and Outer worlds brought me many challenges and periods of intense overwhelm & anxiety. I knew that something HAD to change if I wanted to live a life full of happiness, ease & self belief.

Soul Quest is a condensed version of the strategies I followed & the changes I put in place to quest for & create a life that was back in alignment with my own values, and my own unique life's purpose.  The Soul Quest program means my clients can benefit from a huge toolkit of techniques and practices to create shifts in their lives.

Soul Quest clients work with their Conscious, logical minds and their creative, Unconscious minds.  They also benefit from powerful NLP & solution-focused coaching techniques & discover grounding energy practices to support their self care.

This powerful program will create lasting change in your life as it supports you to step back into alignment with your authentic life's purpose to live a life you LOVE!


Quest for clarity & confidence

Create well-formed outcomes

Define your personal values

Set & maintain healthy boundaries

Break limiting beliefs

Release self-judgment

Learn techniques & daily practices to regain balance & inner strength

Realign with your life with your purpose & values


Online Life Purpose Coaching & Hypnotherapy with Caroline


Online Consultation

  • 30 minute session
  • Discuss your unique needs
  • Decide whether Hypnotherapy or the Soul Quest program is best for your needs
  • Learn more about the Soul Quest format
  • Discuss your aims & the best time-frame for you
  • Self-hypnosis audio upon booking


6 month foundation program

  • Each online session lasts 2 hours
  • 6 session package tailored to your unique needs
  • Get clear on what it is you want to change
  • Establish well-formed outcomes
  • Re-define your values & the Vision for your life
  • At least 1 hypnotherapy session
  • Option to fast-track to a 3 month time-frame if more appropriate for your needs


6 month premiere program

  • The full Foundation Package PLUS:
  • Discover your Inner Counsel of 12 Archetypes & how they can work for you
  • Learn energy-work practices to embed into your daily life
  • Receive energy-work bespoke to you to support the changes you are seeking to implement
  • Creative practices to support you to re-find your focus & increase your sense of wellbeing


  • Anyone who needs support to re-align themselves with their values, life purpose and authenticity
  • People who long to create change in their life but need support to define those changes
  • Individuals who know what changes they desire but who need support to make, and sustain those changes
  • Anyone in a state of overwhelm who needs to re-find their focus, values and Inner strength
  • Individuals working in a Corporate environment who feel their work is out of alignment with their own values.
  • People who have left a Corporate environment and need to re-discover their Soul Purpose
  • New parents who have lost their sense of self amidst the new role they are immersed in

Still wondering whether the Soul Quest program is right for you?  Please click below to book a FREE consultation with Caroline to discuss your needs.



Safety & Security to Explore

This work involves getting clear on exactly what you want - and that means feeling safe enough to explore your ideas & allow yourself to get vulnerable.  These sessions are online so you are in your own environment.  I recommend creating a space for this work where you are alone and able to speak freely. Confidentiality & discretion will be maintained at all times.



Clarity & Focus

Our sessions together will be targeted and have clear focus whilst also being bespoke to your needs.  This will ensure that we can create the shifts & lasting changes you desire.  The program will work through 6 stages of Inner Questing whilst also introducing you to techniques & practices to engage with in the outer world.  Combining these will bring your Inner and Outer worlds back into alignment.

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This is an active, and engaging program where you will take back control of your life, your thoughts & your behaviours.  I will facilitate your quest of self-discovery & empowerment through directed questioning & strategies. But you will create the changes you desire ... there is an expectation that you will spend some time between sessions to embed techniques you have learned & the work we have focused on in a session.