Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Maintaining good mental health is HUGE for me. I’m really big on self-care and self-love and both of these things are essential for my own mental health. I’ve struggled on occasion in the past – with overwhelm, anxiety, feeling low … and one thing that always helped me to come through was reframing my challenges … to deliberately BE positive in my thoughts, even when I didn’t FEEL it in my heart. Positive thoughts always created a shift within me and helped me to heal.I was SO PROUD to see my teen start to post loads of […]

Self Love

The importance of self love The Team are reflecting on self-love over on the Traci Reed Designs blog this month. Self-love is one of the values that I seek to hold at the core of who I am in the world.  It is a value I am working hard to encourage my fifteen your old daughter to adopt too.  Without TRULY loving ourself – exactly as we are: with our challenges, our broken places, our shadows and our unique light – how can we truly love others? This is a subject I come back to in my self-reflections alot. It […]