Reflecting on Gratitude

Reflecting on Gratitude This week the Team are focussing on Gratitude over at Traci Reed Designs.  This is a really important value for me so I jumped at the chance to create a project for the Team blog. I have found that an intentional gratitude practice is a great way to promote presence and encourage a healthy mindset.  In my experience it is often easier to find things to be grateful for when life is going according to plan – when we are well, when family and friends are happy, when the sun shines.  In the past I used to […]

More and Less

More and Less Life is full of comparison these day.  Our culture seems to be built on a foundation of comparing ourselves to others.  Lives, looks, honnies, achievements, challenges – all of them are so often compared to the experiences of others. I was inspired to shift my focus by one of the journaling cards in the Traci Reed Designs “Love List” collection. I decided to reflect on what brought me energy, and what did not. Quite simply I need more of the first list and less of the second!! Here is what I came up with: More patience when […]

Why I love memory keeping

Why I love memory keeping I have been scrapbooking for over 18 years now.  I can’t actually remember what it was that sparked my interest in it.  I know that alot of my early pages were created in response to the book “The Scrapbook Journey”.  This focuses on themes and perspectives which aim to create as healing shift within you.  It has a Christian spirituality tone, but I was easily able to translate that to a Sacred Feminine and pagan perspective.  So quite simply, my early memory-keeping practices were much more than the documenting of nice days out and happy […]