Sketchy Sunday #31

Sketchy Sunday #31 When I first saw the sketch for this week I was uncertain about what collection I wanted to work with. I have been loving the new Goldenrod printable collection from Traci Reed Designs but I knew I wanted to work with some Prom pictures from earlier this year – in Summer … and Goldenrod is an autumn collection! With this in mind I opted to work with plain cardstock in the background and am so, so happy that I did! I actually ended up pulling in more patterned papers and icons than I ever intended to.  Somehow […]

Sketchy Sunday 27

Sketchy Sunday #27 Another lovely sketch this week over at Traci Reed Designs! This one calls for one photo and a small amount of journalling if you opt to stay true to the sketch.  I opted for just that! Once again I adjusted my design to fit a double page in my Life Crafted size album (rather than creating a 12×12 project) I chose to work with the brand new “My Oasis” collection which I am LOVING!! Although this collection is a home themed collection, neither of the projects I have shared so far have been anything to do with […]

Sketchy Sunday 26

Sketchy Sunday #26 I really loved the design of this weeks sketch and the white space that it contained. I was keen not to lose or add too much white space so opted to do a single page for my project – with a view to adding some additional photos in a pocket page on the right hand side of the album that this will sit in. My project is sized 8.25″ tall and 6.75″ wide and I am working with the “Sunkissed” collection from Traci. As I am still working my way through Prom-prep stories my photo is black […]

Sketchy Sunday 25

Sketchy Sunday Another great sketch over on the Traci Reed blog this week. Again I converted this from a square design/ 12×12 into a ‘Life Crafted’ size for my story album. Each page is 8.25″ tall by 5″ wide (so a 10″ total width) which mean that I had to reduce the number of circles I added into the background. I decided to blend two collections for this memory capture  – the current Sunkissed collection for the papers on those circles, and the older Love List collection for the background papers and embellishments.  These two went SO well together I […]

Sketchy Sunday #24

Sketchy Sunday #24 The sketch this week over at Traci Reed Designs is one that showcases two square photos.  The placement of the paper layers in a vertical over on the one side also gives the sketch a really clean and uncluttered feel.  I knew that I wanted to use patterned paper for the background as soon as I saw the sketch but was unsure which collection to go for. My photo stream is currently FULL of photos from my daughter’s prom and I knew I wanted to start telling the stories of that experience straight away.  We had so […]

Sketchy Sunday #23

Sketchy Sunday I was really looking forward to trying out this sketch since I found out a way of printing photos on my Canon Selphy printer as photostrips!! In the end I created TWO layouts for this sketch – the main reason being I had sooooooo many photos from Elora’s recent 16th birthday and a photo strip is a great way of showing off lots! My first project sticks to the sketch pretty closely. I added in a larger focal photo as I really wanted to include this cute picture of her alongside those of her with her friends. As […]

Sketchy Sunday #22

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs I had every intention of following this sketch very closely when I first saw it.  I love a grid as a page foundation and they translate really well from a 12×12 into a 6×8  album. As I started to build my page though I kept thinking about the 2×2 square page protectors I have in my stash and a new direction came to me. I opted to use that rather than a page base, and it opened up for me to have some shaker pockets instead of ink splatters. I am REALLY happy with […]

Sketchy Sunday #21

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs I am LOVING the sketches that Traci is putting up on the blog. They are super versatile and always push me to try new things … this week … circles!!As someone without a die cutting machine I tend to avoid large size circle sketches as much largest punch is a 3 inch one!!I dragged a long forgotten tool out of my stash for this though – a Circular template and blade cutter!I knew I wanted to work at this Traveller’s Notebook size so simply cut the sketch in half in my mind. The circular […]

Sketchy Sunday #17

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs I am soooo obsessed with the Wildflower collection at the moment that I just had to use it for this sketch!! The main focus of the sketch are those triangles of paper layered up.  I don’t know why, but I REALLY struggled with the angles on those triangles! To the point that I nearly scrapped this and started again!! I think part of the problem was I used that plaid and the striped paper.  Add in myself being a complete perfectionist and there we have the reason i was constantly trimming to make sure […]

Sketchy Sunday #16

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs Another fantastic sketch again this week. This one based around a base of tags.  It is perfect for my style as I love layering and I love texture.  Easy to do both when working with tags as part of your page foundation!! For this sketch I decided to go back to basics a little and worked at 12×12 size.  I haven’t done that for a while and I really enjoyed the larger canvas. I worked with the new “Beautiful Dreamer” collection from Traci Reed.  It is a printable collection and perfect as a first […]