Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer Release There is a new release over at Traci Reed Designs … and its FREE! I am TOTALLY in love with the new Beautiful Dreamer collection over at Traci Reed Designs.  I can’t BELIEVE this is a freebie collection! It is absolutely stunning and I have already made soooo many projects with it! Most of those are all saved up for some future blog posts but here is one I can share now. The predominant colours in this collection and pink and blue which makes it super versatile. The motifs (as you’d guess from the title) are all […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day When Traci invited us to create a project for International Women’ Day to honour a woman who inspires us, I felt spoilt for choice.  There are so many inspirational women that I either know, or know of. After some reflection though, I chose to celebrate the women that I sit in circle with each month as we co-create the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2022. The Ceremonial group is not an exclusively female only environment.  The genders of those involved shift and change each year.  This year, however, there are 9 women and I am lucky enough to be […]

Sketchy Sunday #15

Sketchy Sunday at Traci Reed Designs There is a new blog theme over on the Traci Reed Designs blog which I was excited to get involved with – Sketchy Sunday.  I used to LOVE working with scrapbook sketches but haven’t done this for quite a while. I’ve set myself a challenge and have put myself down to get involved with this each week.This week we are working with sketch number 15 above. Traci’s sketches tend to be drawn for a 12×12 layout but she ALWAYS ensures that the design can be modified for other page sizes.  I am working more […]

Mix It Up Monday – Rooted and My Person

Mix it up Monday at Traci Reed Designs Rooted and My Person At first it may feel quite daunting to mix two very different printable collections together – especially when they have a very different theme at their core.  But this is what we do as scrapbookers… we take different pretty products that catch our eye and combine them to make something beautiful and meaningful. I follow a set path when I am working with more than one collection: Decide on the theme of my project.  This one is about the need to be grounded after a stressful time in […]

Self Love

The importance of self love The Team are reflecting on self-love over on the Traci Reed Designs blog this month. Self-love is one of the values that I seek to hold at the core of who I am in the world.  It is a value I am working hard to encourage my fifteen your old daughter to adopt too.  Without TRULY loving ourself – exactly as we are: with our challenges, our broken places, our shadows and our unique light – how can we truly love others? This is a subject I come back to in my self-reflections alot. It […]

Reflecting on Gratitude

Reflecting on Gratitude This week the Team are focussing on Gratitude over at Traci Reed Designs.  This is a really important value for me so I jumped at the chance to create a project for the Team blog. I have found that an intentional gratitude practice is a great way to promote presence and encourage a healthy mindset.  In my experience it is often easier to find things to be grateful for when life is going according to plan – when we are well, when family and friends are happy, when the sun shines.  In the past I used to […]