Re-align with your strengths & passions




Invest in 1-1 coaching support for the work you do in the world


You are already in service to the world.

Already committed to supporting others whilst striving to do your very best - maybe that is in your own established business, or the dreams you incubate for your emerging business, or even in the work you are doing for others.

You get to choose your Path going forward.


You are already busy with your heart-centred business.  You are passionate about the work you do but are craving to feel more ease whilst still creating offerings that support others ... and you!


You are ready to create projects from your many ideas and step forward with your Vision for your future.  You have alot of exciting plans in your mind but a few doubts too and these are holding you back.


You are busy working for others.  Your work currently involves alot of striving & it does not align with who you are in your heart & soul.  You want to re-align and be empowered.


Re-align you with your passions & strengths

Establish a healthy relationship with time

Discover the efficiency of ease

Re-connect with a mindset of abundance

Create well-formed desired outcomes

Overcome fears & limiting beliefs

Step into deeper self-awareness

Re-align with your passions & strengths


  • 12 online coaching calls (each lasting between 90mins - 2 hours)
  • A flexible program with a calls schedule to suit your needs
  • Work with a solution-focused, NLP coach who blends 15 years experience in Corporate management with her own soul-aligned desired outcomes
  • Learn strategies  that you will embed into your life straight away - and will also benefit from long after the program has finished
  • Engaging sessions that inspire deep reflection and responses from your heart & mind
  • Discover practices that will help keep you grounded in all areas of your life
  • Optional: Hypnotherapy is available to support any shifts needed (an additional investment)

Still wondering whether the Thrive Coaching program is right for you?

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 The Thrive coaching program includes 12 coaching calls.  I recommend that these are spaced out with 2 calls each month - making this a 6 month coaching program.  This spacious time frame gives you the opportunity to reflect deeply on the topic areas we cover, and to embed new ways of thinking into your life.

Alternatively you may choose to fast-track the program with 3 calls per month - making this a 4 month program.  This may be more suitable for your needs but will require a greater time commitment for yourself each month between calls.

The investment for each time frame is the same.


1 payment

  • 1 payment made in advance of our work together
  • 6 or 4 month coaching program


4 payments

  • 4 payments spaced throughout the program
  • 6 or 4 month coaching program


12 Payments

  • 12 payments made in advance of each of our calls
  • 6 or 4 month coaching program

The Thrive Coaching program is delivered by Caroline. It weaves together her work as a hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner with 15 years management experience in the Corporate world.


Caroline Stevens GQHP DHyp CMH CPNLP
Hypnotherapist, Solution-focused Coach, NLP Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner

My work lights me up! I absolutely love to see the changes that take place within my clients when we work together for their desired outcomes.

I spent 24 years working in the Corporate world, with 15 of those years as a successful Manager in both the Operational & Strategic areas of that environment.  That work developed many of my strengths and brought great value into my life ... until things started to shift & become out of alignment with my own personal values.

Thrive is a condensed version of the strategies I followed to gain clarity & create a life that was back in alignment with my own values, and my own unique life's purpose.

Thrive Coaching clients leave the program feeling empowered, clearer, more grounded, more productive and completely lit up from within. They shine!


Priestess services, spiritual coaching

Safety & Security to Explore

This work involves getting clear on exactly what you want - and that means feeling safe enough to explore your ideas.  These sessions are online so you are in your own environment.  I recommend creating a space for this work where you are alone and able to speak freely. Confidentiality & discretion will be maintained at all times.



Clarity & Focus

Our sessions together will be targeted and have a clear structure whilst also being bespoke to your needs.  I will listen deeply & support you with focused questioning and activities to uncover your wisdom.  This is a process of empowerment.  You will be shifting from a mindset of striving to thriving. At the end of the program you will feel lighter, brighter and more productive.

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This is an active, and engaging program where you will take back control of your life, your thoughts & your behaviours.  I will facilitate your quest of self-discovery & empowerment through directed questioning & strategies. But you will create the changes you desire.  There is an expectation that you will do some work in between calls to embed the topics we have covered into your ways of being.